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Paid Search Campaign

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A Local Listings Campaign aims to improve local search results and drive direct traffic to a physical location.

Core Metrics and Anticipated Outcome

The core performance metric of this campaign is to achieve and maintain a composite score of 75% or better on the Local Listings Report for every business location whith a physical address. While it can take a location up to 6 months to achieve the 75% threshold, but substantial improvement can usually be observed within 60 days.

Campaign Deliverables

The core deliverables for the campaign include the following reports:

Local Listing Baseline Report

A snapshot of each location’s local listing status at the beginning of the campaign.

Monthly Local Listing Progress Report

A monthly report that tracks month-to-month improvement and can be used to monitor variance over the baseline report. (Delivered within 3 business days after the end of each month.)

Dynamic Call Tracking

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Core Call Tracking Services for Podum

We have everything you need to track the progress of your paid and local media campaigns. You have us pick a local number for you or you port your numbers to our platform, either option works. Simply login to Calls.Status26.com and managed your calls and listen to your recordings. 

Fully Managed Call Tracking, Lead Scoring, and Call Routing Solution

Port your existing phone number to our platform.

Use a toll free or local number via one of our local exchange carriers.

We work with you to score calls and find opportunities for improvements

Download and export your call data at anytime. 

Create custom greetings and call whispers.

  • Know when clicks turn into calls with our Analytics Integration

Find out what is not working in your sales call process!

There is a limit to your consumption of minutes, but we haven't had a client hit it just yet. Will let you know when we do. There is an additional fee per number and campaigns may require multiple numbers to receive all calls.